Selling vs Leasing: advantages and disadvantages

Posted on Wednesday, November 25th, 2015 at 8:15 pm    

After you come to learn that minerals have been located on your property, you may want to consider selling or leasing those mineral rights. Here are a few key points for both selling and leasing that may help you determine which will be right for you.

Selling your mineral rights will afford you solid and assured benefits in the form of a fixed payment. You will not have to stress over rising or decreasing values. On the other hand, you may give up your rights to receive royalty payments from the mining and selling of the materials on your property. Should the value of the minerals go up, your payment will not change to reflect this.

Leasing your mineral rights usually involves creating a contract that outlines the rights both you and the oil or gas company with which you make the deal will enjoy, including the terms of the royalty payments you will receive. When leasing your mineral rights, you will receive compensation from a company just as you would were you to sell them. Leasing, however, involves an arrangement of monthly payments that only last the predetermined amount of time. While this option affords you the chance to earn more should the value of your mineral increase, it also poses the risk of decreased payments when values decrease.

If you are considering selling or leasing your mineral rights, it is best to consult with our mineral rights specialists at The Mineral Auction in order to discuss which option will work best for you. Call us today at (512) 698-2802 to speak to a representative.

Are you really prepared to lease your mineral rights?

Posted on Wednesday, July 8th, 2015 at 6:54 pm    

If you hold on to your mineral rights by leasing them, you are engaging in a business that has its own unique dangers. The question is, are you really prepared to take on the challenges?

Volatile markets, strict federal and state regulations, and the likelihood of experiencing a dry well are just among the myriad of different risks oil and natural gas players face every day. Fortunately, these companies have the resources to tackle each of these risks without much damaging impact. For instance, oil exploration companies have the capital to effortlessly spread the risk of dry wells over large land areas, sometimes even across several states and countries.

By selling your mineral rights upfront, you are sparing yourself from the possible harm of engaging in a venture that won’t pay off. Speak with our team of mineral rights brokers at The Mineral Auction by calling (512) 698-2802 today to learn more about selling your mineral rights today.

Those who lease mineral rights threatened by fluctuating prices

Posted on Monday, April 13th, 2015 at 3:37 pm    

Some mineral rights owners are tempted to lease their mineral rights due to the promise of long-term returns. However, the fast-changing landscape of the oil and natural gas sector may cause the value of your mineral rights to dwindle. Something that may risk the profitability of your mineral rights could be the fluctuating price.

The value of mineral rights is subjected to the fluctuating prices of oil and gas on the market. Oil prices may vary depending on several factors, such as local and global changes in the supply and demand, market sentiment, and even politics and public policies. Although the fall in oil prices primarily benefits consumers, it may have a negative effect on oil explorers and drillers who spent a lot of resources and are in considerable debt for contributing to the oil and gas boom. Oil companies in debt are in turn reluctant to expand their oil and natural gas portfolio, which greatly affects those who own mineral rights.

Those who sell their mineral rights upfront to interested oil explorers have a decreased chance of being affected by the price changes and are therefore more likely to benefit than those who chose to lease their mineral rights.

By selling your mineral rights, you are sure to secure the best of what your property can offer today. Our brokers at The Mineral Auction can help you sell your mineral rights at the highest possible value. Call us at (512) 698-2802 to get help today.

The “volume risk” associated with leasing your mineral rights

Posted on Monday, March 30th, 2015 at 4:01 pm    

With the country’s oil and natural gas boom, many mineral rights owners believe that leasing their rights would allow them to reap the most over the long term. However, leasing your mineral rights for royalties has its share of risks that could even be greater compared to the risks associated with selling your rights all together.

One known risk of leasing your mineral rights is the “volume risk.” While it is true that some wells live a long time, others might not. Over just a short time, those working on your land might find that the lease is not worth the cost of production. At this point, companies will often abandon the wells and your revenue will cease. However, if you choose to sell upfront, then you retain the larger initial payout and the risk of a low-yielding well shifts to the buyer.

To learn more about volume risks with leasing versus selling your mineral rights in Texas, our team of expert mineral rights brokers at The Mineral Auction can answer all of your queries. Contact us at (512) 698-2802 today to learn how to get the most out of your mineral rights.

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