There are various ways to sell your gas, oil, or mineral rights. If you are looking for the most efficient and guaranteed way to get financial compensation, you may want to consider simplification. As it sounds, simplification is one of the easiest ways to get money for your gas, oil, or mineral rights. To find out if simplification is the right choice for you, contact an experienced mineral broker at The Mineral Auction for a free consultation today by calling (512) 698-2802. Our consultants are always happy to answer your questions and help you determine the best course of action for you and your family.

What Is Simplification?

With simplification, you opt to sell your gas, oil, or mineral rights all at once instead of making a sale conditional on potential development. Sometimes development on your land can take many years, and it almost always it takes longer than initially forecasted. With this uncertainty, you cannot rely on the money that you have been promised. Some hold out, hoping that doing so will result in more money, but this hope comes at the price of immediate gain. Choosing to sell your rights and royalties through simplification eliminates the uncertainty and allows you to enjoy immediate peace of mind because you receive money at the time of sale.

Simplification reduces the risks of leasing your rights or waiting for development. It also gives you greater control over the financial benefit and gives you the ability to take advantage of current tax rates before they change. When you choose simplification, you don’t have to worry about the costly tax implications that come from leasing gas, oil, and mineral rights. Instead of being penalized by the tax system, you can benefit from it by selling rather than leasing.

Do I Need a Mineral Rights Broker?

When you decide to sell your mineral, gas, or oil rights, you’ll be best served by enlisting the help of someone who can help you navigate the financial, legal, and industry-specific issues. Before you sell, for example, you deserve a fair and comprehensive evaluation of your land’s potential profit from the gas, oil, or mineral rights on it. You also need to consider the various ways of selling your rights and decide which one is right for you. Utilizing a mineral rights broker gives you a much bigger pool of potential investors. This means that the more people who look at your property, the higher the price will go as they compete for bids. At The Mineral Auction, we have developed a stellar reputation that attracts the kind of buyers who can offer you the most for your rights. A mineral rights broker can also help you prepare the proper research and paperwork required for selling rights. The process can be overwhelming without someone to guide you through the deadlines, requirements, and procedures.

Why Choose The Mineral Auction?

You want to trust your oil, gas, and mineral rights to a company with a stellar reputation and plenty of experience to help you get the most money you can from your rights. At The Mineral Auction, we have been helping thousands of clients maximize the financial benefit of their mineral, oil, and gas rights since 2008. We have both the reputation and experience you can trust. Based in Texas, where a majority of our clients have land in West and South Texas, we have also served clients throughout the country, including Oklahoma, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia.  We specialize in the Mississippi Lime Shale, the Utica Shale, the Marcellus Shale, the Granite Walsh Shale, the Brown Dense Shale, and the Haynesville Shale.

Our mineral rights brokers work off of commission, so they are motivated to help you maximize your financial gain from your mineral, gas, and oil rights. They are compassionate and professional leaders in the field, with access to over 11,000 potential buyers. This vast network of buyers who have met high standards means you have a much higher chance of earning more money when you work with The Mineral Auction.

Why Sell in the First Place?

In the decade that The Mineral Auction has been in the business of helping clients with their mineral rights, we have seen a variety of reasons for choosing to sell. Some clients need to liquidize their assets, some encounter catastrophic medical bills that leave them in unexpected debt, and some reach the age of retirement realizing they have much less than anticipated to live off for the rest of their lives. Selling your mineral, oil, or gas rights can provide the financial security you need in any of these situations. It can also just provide a safe buffer even if you haven’t fallen on hard times.

When deciding whether to sell your mineral rights, knowing the general health of the industry can be insightful. A recent study by the Railroad Commission of Texas estimates that there are 101,339 active gas wells in Texas, yielding 5,665,460,100 million cubic feet each year. The United States Energy Information Administration reports that in 2015, Texas produced more crude oil than any other state and is responsible for 27% of the natural gas production in the country. Regarding nonfuel mineral production, Texas has been ranked fourth in the nation for nonfuel mineral production. Texas is a booming place for gas, mineral, and oil production. Booms don’t always last, however, so it’s best to take advantage of them while you can and sell your rights before the boom ends.

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If you are looking for the most efficient and financially secure way to sell your mineral, oil, and gas right, simplification is for you. Allow our resources and connections to help you throughout the process of selling your oil, gas, and mineral rights. Contact The Mineral Auction today at (512) 698-2802 to schedule your free evaluation.

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