Estate Planning

Selling mineral rights is a wise choice when planning for your family’s future. The demand for valuable resources constantly changes. Because of this, the value of the estate that you leave to your family could change drastically in a short period of time. After a loved one passes away, families must go through probate court to secure full legal rights to property left to them in the estate. If property is secured in a trust, families can skip probate court, but still have to contact a lawyer in order to secure property. This process may take months to complete and bring costly fees.

By choosing to sell mineral rights, you ensure that your family gets the most out of the estate left to them. Family members are unable to sell mineral rights left to them while the property is going through probate court. If drilling demand spikes or plummets during this time, your family will not have legal rights to respond to the changing market. Selling rights today gives the peace of mind that your family will be provided for when you are no longer around. For help selling your mineral rights, contact The Mineral Auction at (512) 698-2802 today.

Do I Need a Mineral Rights Broker?

Our brokers have the industry knowledge to get the best price for your mineral rights. We provide comprehensive evaluations of property to establish the potential profit to be made on your land. There are several different options available when selling mineral rights. We can guide you through the legal options to determine what’s best for you. Our brokers have industry connections across the globe. This means that thousands of potential buyers will see your property. In turn, you get much more for your mineral rights than if just a couple investors gave you an offer. Once we’ve found an investment option that’s right for you, we are able to help with the selling procedures. We prepare all the required research and documentation, saving you time and stress. This can ensure that your family is left with the most money possible from your mineral rights.

Why Choose The Mineral Auction?

The Mineral Auction team has served thousands of clients across the country for over ten years. Our ability to maximize selling potential for landowners has earned us a great reputation. Experience and reputation make The Mineral Auction a premier land rights corporation. In 2008 our operation started in West and South Texas, where a majority of our clients have land. Since then, our client base has grown to include clients throughout the country. We serve landowners in Oklahoma, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia. We have extensive experience with mineral rights in the Mississippi Lime Shale, the Utica Shale, the Marcellus Shale, the Granite Walsh Shale, the Brown Dense Shale, and the Haynesville Shale. Be sure to reach out even if your property does not fall into these shales. Our team of experts is always looking to expand into new basins. Our brokers work off commission and are committed to getting the most for your mineral rights. We have connections with over 11,000 land investors. This network allows us to drive up prices between bidders and sell for the most money possible. To ensure your family’s future, you need The Mineral Auction on your side.

Selling for Estate Planning

Mineral rights are an investment, and the value of this investment is constantly changing due to its volatile nature. Taking a look at the oil and gas industry is helpful to determine the smartest decision. Texas is a booming place for mineral production, but the market remains a volatile place. Technology is finding more efficient ways to use gas and other sources of energy each year. Many executives of the largest oil and gas companies think the peak oil demand may be coming in our lifetime. Selling mineral rights ensures that you take advantage of today’s boom.

After you pass away, your mineral rights will be locked up in your estate for an indefinite period of time while they pass through probate court or other legal proceedings. During this period, which could last months, your family will be unable to sell your rights. If the market booms during this period, your family will be unable to act on it and could miss a great opportunity. Instead, sell your mineral rights now so that your family will have access to these funds after you are gone.

If you feel that it is still too soon to sell, our brokers can discuss the pros and cons of setting up a trust for your mineral rights. A trust can help your family skip probate court after you die to access the rights, but they will still have to work with a lawyer to procure the rights.

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If you are looking to secure the best financial future for your family after you’re gone, contact The Mineral Auction today. We provide landowners with the most efficient and financially secure process for selling mineral rights. Our resources and connections exist to serve you from start to finish. Contact The Mineral Auction today at (512) 698-2802 to schedule your free evaluation.

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