Who Owns the Mineral Rights Under Your Land?

The mineral rights to a property can end up being a very liquid asset, as mineral rights can be detached from the land deed and put up for sale for interested parties. However, if you don’t actually own the mineral rights, the benefits of them will never come to fruition, no matter how appealing the thought of such monetary benefits may be. Tracking down who owns the rights to the minerals under a property can be a difficult but necessary task, as an unsuspecting landowner could be sitting on a large asset. At The Mineral Auction, our mineral rights specialists are dedicated to helping property owners sell their mineral rights and receive additional income.

How to find out whether you own your mineral rights

Before a landowner can sell mineral rights, they must first find out if they even have the rights to the minerals under their land. A property owner can go to the county clerk’s office, usually located near the county courthouse, to find all subsequent land records for a property. From there, the property owner must create a chain of title, detailing the transfer of ownership of the mineral rights throughout time. Transfer of ownership, or conveyances, can then be used to construct a map to whom the legal owner of the mineral rights is.

Gaps may appear in these records, causing much confusion as to where the ownership went. In these situations, it is important to examine divorce settlements, tax sales, mortgages, and foreclosure documents to try and decipher what happened. This research must be conducted thoroughly and correctly if mineral right ownership is to be legally proven. Fortunately, there are many services today that will assist a property owner in finding out who owns the rights to the minerals on their land.

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