The Value of Your Mineral Rights

Determining an estimate for the value of your mineral rights when you’re trying to put them up for sale can be a difficult process. Many individuals interested in leasing or selling their mineral rights look to mineral rights brokers to better evaluate the property. A number of factors are involved in an estimate of the worth of mineral rights. While some things are easier to determine, for example the size of the property, others are not. Negotiating a fair price for mineral rights may be a strenuous process without the help of an experienced professional. The mineral rights brokers at The Mineral Auction are dedicated to finding the highest price for you through the extensive and competitive network of mineral rights buyers we attract.

Factors that Affect Value of Mineral Rights

There are a number of elements that will determine the value of your mineral rights. The most important factors that will affect a mineral rights bid include:

  • Concentration of hydrocarbons
  • Size of property
  • Oil and gas prices
  • Current production (or non-production) of mineral rights
  • Location

The location of your mineral rights is important to a buyer because it will be the best indicator for the types of minerals that might be found there. Land with a high concentration of hydrocarbons will be more valuable than areas that do not have a high accumulation. Fortunately Texas is known for its higher concentration of hydrocarbons, oil, and other valuable minerals.

Contact a Mineral Rights Broker Today

If you are interested in selling your mineral rights or rights to oil and gas, contact a mineral rights broker in Texas. The experienced mineral brokers at The Mineral Auction are established with thousands of mineral rights buyers and want to work with you to obtain the best price for your rights. Please call (512) 698-2802 to speak with one of our team members in order to start you on the path towards financial reward.

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