Risks Of Not Selling Rights to Minerals

There is an economic boom happening all over the U.S., regarding access to and demand for mineral rights, oil rights, and gas rights. This boom has prompted numerous people to sell their rights to these natural resources, and many of them have profited enormously. However, some people still have questions, perhaps about the risks of selling or choosing to not to put their rights up for sale. No individual situation can be perfectly predicted, but there are some risks associated with not selling rights, as the team at The Mineral Auction knows well.

Some Risks

You could be risking quite a lot by not selling the rights to the natural resources on your land or property. In fact, some of the risks include:

  • Having a dry well later
  • Losing profit if demand goes down
  • Not getting profit at all
  • Delays in development / payment to you
  • Seeing tax increases
  • Asset depletion

These risks should be taken seriously, as they might affect you and your loved ones now or in the future if you choose to not sell your mineral rights. We understand that this decision is important to you, which is why we at The Mineral Auction are here to answer all of your questions.

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