Non-Fuel Minerals in Texas

Texas is known for its rich oil fields that make selling mineral rights a lucrative transaction for both the buyer and seller. While mineral rights are used for obtaining fuel-related subsurface elements, there are other minerals in the ground that can make your land valuable. The nonfuel minerals in Texas have an estimated worth of $2.81 billion. Texas is ranked as the eighth top state for production of non-fuel minerals. While fuel sources such as gas and oil are highly profitable, they are not the only reasons that a buyer may be interested in leasing or purchasing your mineral rights that you have for sale. Many buyers are interested in the different rocks and resources that Texas land has to offer. For instance, construction companies may be in need of building supplies that your unused land can produce for them.

The Most Common Non-Fuel Minerals in Texas

The state of Texas is rich with hundreds of minerals due to its location. The following minerals make up 95 percent of the state’s non-fuel mineral value:

  • Salt
  • Industrial sand and gravel
  • Limestone
  • Masonry cement

The state of Texas is filled with these minerals. If you are the owner of substantial property and its respective mineral rights, our mineral brokers at The Mineral Auction may be able to help you find a profitable arrangement for you and your family.

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