Inheriting Mineral Rights

Inheriting mineral rights can seem complicated, particularly when you’ve never dealt with mineral rights before. Mineral rights are currently in a booming market, which makes it crucial to have a thorough knowledge of mineral rights if you wish to put them up for sale. Surface rights and mineral rights are often severed, meaning that owning land does not always include mineral rights, and ownership of mineral rights does not always consist of owning surface property. Similarly, fragmentation of inherited mineral rights is common: an individual may choose to split the mineral rights between children, who may then divide them further with the next generation. Regardless, even fractions of mineral rights can be valuable assets.

Finding Ownership of Mineral Rights

Discovering whether you inherited mineral rights along with surface rights of a property can be a complicated process. The most common ways of discovering whether these rights exist or are currently leased can involve getting in touch with any of the following:

  • Oil and gas landmen
  • County clerk’s office
  • Chain of title

Oil and gas companies contract people called landmen that are responsible for tracking down the mineral rights to property. This could include visiting the local clerk’s office responsible for land ownership titles and paperwork to discover the chain of title for a specific piece of property. The chain of title is a list of any change in ownership over mineral rights.

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