Getting the Best Price on Your Mineral Rights

Once you decide to your mineral rights up for sale, finding the right buyer and getting the best price can be a daunting task. Because of the constant flux in the factors that affect the value of mineral rights, there is no universally accepted standard of worth for these types of assets. In other words, you won’t find a Kelly Blue Book for mineral rights. However, our brokers at The Mineral Auction have access to a large network of buyers, and we know how to get you in touch with the most offers for your mineral rights.

Factors Affecting Sale or Lease Value

Deciding to sell your mineral rights can be an incredibly lucrative and rewarding choice. However, because there are so many complex elements to consider when determining the value of mineral rights, it is in your best interest to seek the advice of experienced professionals. A few factors that impact a potential buyer’s offer price are as follows:

  • Market trends
  • Commodity prices
  • Production rates
  • Production potential
  • Drilling potential
  • Remaining reserves
  • Transportation rates
  • Taxes
  • Location

Overall, production potential is what adds the greatest value to mineral rights. At The Mineral Auction, we strive to get you the highest price for your mineral rights so that you walk away completely satisfied.

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