Delays in Development and Your Mineral Rights

Having mineral rights, oil rights, and/or gas rights for sale could mean getting paid for a company to use your land to mine these resources. However, delays in development are extremely common, especially in refinery and construction projects. This means that you could be waiting years before you ever get any money for the rights that you own. However, the auction specialists at The The Mineral Auction have the skills necessary to sell your rights at an excellent price, getting you money now and helping you avoid taxing delays in development.

Benefits of Selling Mineral Rights and Avoiding Development Delays

The future prospect of having mining on your land, when you have mineral rights, is enticing, but what if it never becomes a reality? Sadly, this is what many people face because of delays in development. There are several benefits to selling your rights and avoiding delays, such as:

  • Near-immediate pay-off
  • Financial independence
  • Ability to downsize property
  • Less stress

All of these benefits are possible if you decide to sell your mineral rights, gas rights, or oil rights now, rather than waiting for the projects to take place.

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