Benefits of Selling vs Leasing Mineral Rights

Many individuals may find that now is the right time to sell their mineral rights for a cash payout. By selling your mineral rights, you can create the financial security you need to support you and your family in ways that not many other assets can. However, when working with mineral companies, some may prefer to lease your rights rather than buying them completely.

Why Selling can be better for you

There are a few key differences between leasing your mineral rights and selling them to oil companies, which include:

  • With leasing, if no minerals are found, you may not receive royalties.
  • Selling means that you can receive a large cash payment upfront, regardless of minerals found on your land.
  • A company who leases your land may deplete the mineral supply substantially before returning the land back to you.
  • Selling reduces overall risk of handling mineral rights.

Although companies may look to lease your mineral rights, the advantages of putting up your mineral rights for sale may make it the best choice for your financial future. In addition, selling means you will deal with less hassle and frustration in the future, as the rights are completely transferred despite what happens with the land. Many individuals can find that they can receive the best offer for their mineral rights by not only receiving help from experienced professionals, but selling the rights in an auction setting.

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