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If you own land in Reeves County, Texas, you may know how much of a hotbed this area is for the oil and gas industry. Maybe you have gotten offers on your land or mineral rights, but are not sure how to handle them, or you are proactively looking to sell your mineral rights. The Reeves County mineral rights brokers of The Mineral Auction are here you help you understand your options, negotiate a fair price for your mineral rights, and oversee that the transaction is completed successfully.

In today’s oil and natural gas boom, selling your mineral rights on your land is an attractive way to help secure your financial future and enjoy life. Using a trusted mineral rights broker enables you to reach a broader audience of potential buyers, get you the best price possible for your mineral rights, and ensure that the transaction goes through without worry or hassle. To speak with a mineral rights broker, and get a better understanding of your options, contact the Reeves County mineral rights brokers of The Mineral Auction today at (512) 698-2802.

Why Auction My Mineral Rights?

Reeves County is a region of Texas that is rich in mineral, oil, and gas deposits. If you are a landowner, you may be looking to sell the rights to these deposits to take advantage of the demand for the natural resources on your property.

When looking to sell your mineral rights, valuating the land is perhaps the most critical step. Using a trusted mineral rights broker and considering auctioning your rights are the ideal ways to ensure that your land receives a fair value, your interests are represented throughout the process, and that the sale is executed on solid legal and financial ground.

With billions of dollars in mineral production in play across Texas, there are many willing and able buyers out there that would love the mineral rights for your property. Reeves County is no exception. With significant oil and gas reserves as part of the Permian Basin, your land is in high demand by energy producers, and you may have already gotten information or offers as a landowner in the area.

The truth is, you should never accept one of these offers unless you speak first with a qualified and experienced mineral rights broker. These offers are typically far below fair market value and seek to take advantage of those who do not know what they deserve. If you do receive one of these offers, you should speak with an experienced mineral rights broker immediately. Doing so can serve as a starting point for understanding your options and the market for mineral rights, which can help you secure the price your land is worth.

Why Choose The Mineral Auction to Handle Your Sale?

The Mineral Auction is a local Texas firm founded in 2008 in Austin. We have an extensive network of buyers and the expertise to handle mineral rights transactions with confidence. We boast a network of over 11,000 buyers—one of the largest in the industry. Our network was built through trust, confidence, and dedication to our clients.

Our commissioned brokers will help you understand all of your options and how a smooth transaction works. We will ensure that you come away from your sale feeling confident. With The Mineral Auction, you are never pressured to sell, and we work to ensure that you never feel like you are in the dark during the sales process.

By helping you discover how much your mineral rights are actually worth, we can get you the best price possible for your mineral rights. A large pool of buyers often means more offers, which can help to drive the price up, securing a promising financial future for you. These large sales are often complicated, so you want to put your trust in the most experienced and transparent brokers. The Mineral Auction can help you get there and walk away from the sale feeling confident about the price that you got for your oil and gas rights.

Why Sell Your Mineral Rights Now?

There is a wide variety of reasons to sell your mineral rights rather than leasing them. Put simply; a lease means that you still have some degree of responsibility and are reliant on your land being developed to realize the revenues. Leases also depend on a good tenant; if the tenant is not producing, you don’t see the money that you could from selling the rights upfront. Furthermore, there are many market factors and taxation reasons to sell instead of sit on or lease your mineral rights. When it comes to making decisions on your mineral rights, you should always speak with a mineral rights broker, but here are some of the best reasons for selling your mineral rights and realizing the financial gains from them sooner rather than later:


  • Increase the liquidity: Selling your mineral rights usually comes with a large cash transfer. The funds will be available when you need them, and you won’t have to worry about selling once a financial need does arise.
  • Reduce the financial risk: Opting to lease your mineral rights can provide significant financial risk, especially if the other party becomes non-compliant with the lease. By selling, you aren’t facing development delays, or worrying about those who are leasing the rights from you. Once you sell the rights, you can continue without worry.
  • Take advantage of the boom: Natural gas, in particular, is a famously booming sector, but this cannot and will not be permanent. By selling now rather than later, you can reap the financial security that selling your mineral rights will bring during the boom.
  • Gain tax benefits: Income off of leases, for most landowners, is typically treated as normal income and is subject to additional or increased taxes. By selling your mineral rights, you avoid the increased income taxes that can come with leasing. While selling your mineral rights is subject to capital gains tax, we can help you understand how this may impact you, and when the best time to sell is.
  • Leave the oil and gas market: Like a boom, prices can crash at any time depending on technological advances, politics, or any number of the factors that make the oil and gas market highly volatile. Selling your mineral rights means that you won’t have to worry about what happens in the future, and you can capitalize on the value of these assets now.

Statistics Regarding Mineral Rights in Texas

Texas is famous around the world for mineral extraction and its oil and gas industry, and rightfully so—it is one of the leading oil and natural gas producing regions of the world. But how much oil and gas does Texas produce for the world’s energy needs? In 2017, the United States Energy Information Administration (US EIA) estimated that Texas:

  • Accounted for 37% of US total crude oil production—just short of 7,300 trillion BTU of crude oil
  • Produced 24% of US marketed natural gas

Also, according to data obtained from the Railroad Commission of Texas, Texas had over 101,000 producing gas wells in 2016.

Furthermore, the value of nonfuel mineral production in 2013 alone was $3.74 billion, according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS). Texas nonfuel mineral production accounts for 5% of the total US nonfuel mineral production, ranking it fourth in the country. Nonfuel minerals include clay, crushed stone, gypsum, Portland cement, industrial sand, and masonry cement.

As a landowner in Reeves County, you can be a part of this action in oil, gas, or nonfuel minerals. With highly significant mineral reserves in Reeves County and tens of millions of dollars of appraised mineral rights, there are substantial opportunities in selling your mineral rights as soon as possible. By selling your mineral rights through an experienced mineral rights broker, you can take advantage of these revenues and put yourself in a stronger financial position than ever before. The trusted Texas mineral rights brokers of The Mineral Auction are here to show you how you can sell your mineral rights and secure your finances for the best possible price.

Auction Your Mineral Rights in Reeves County

Gas rights, oil rights, and mineral rights are serious business in the State of Texas, and if you are looking to sell the rights to your land in Reeves County, look no further than The Mineral Auction to help you through the mineral rights brokering process. Contact us at (512) 698-2802 to speak with a member of our team about selling your mineral rights and how you can secure financial stability and greater freedom today. We look forward to working with you.

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