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If you own property in Loving County, Texas, and are considering selling your mineral rights or oil and gas royalties, contact The Mineral Auction for a free evaluation and further information about our full-spectrum mineral auction services.

Whether you own producing or non-producing mineral rights, an existing oil or gas lease, or you are only looking to sell a portion of your overall mineral rights, our skilled brokers are ready to help you get the very best price possible. The Mineral Auction is a premier fee-based mineral listing service with a network of over 11,000 buyers who are interested in your mineral resources. Contact us today at (512) 698-2802 or reach out to us online to learn more about selling your rights.

Loving County Mineral Holders and Assets

According to Mineral Holders, the royalty research and property valuations database, Loving County holders retain significant mineral assets. The organization has gathered the following facts, revealing the extent of holdings in Loving County:

  • Currently, only 19 mineral holders live there
  • Almost 4,400 mineral holders with assets in the county
  • Total appraised value of mineral holders is close to $7,400,000.
  • Total appraised value of assets is nearly $3,000,000,000.

The database also details how the total appraisal value of properties in Loving County rose slowly from 2014 until 2017, when they began to quickly increase. Let our experienced professionals help you to benefit from the current market on mineral resources in the Permian Basin.

The savvy brokers at Mineral Auction can list your mineral rights through our network of motivated buyers and help you get the best price on the market in Loving County.

Loving County Oil and Gas Production

Surrounding production affects the value of mineral rights. Although Texas Drilling reports a sharp decrease in both oil and gas production and drilling permits in Loving County this year, there are many active drilling operations at work. This area is productive and potentially lucrative for mineral rights holders and investors alike.

Here are some revealing statistics from Texas-Drilling’s summary of data on Loving County:

  • Currently, 1,059 producing leases
  • 64 producing operators
  • 5,989 drilled wells in.
  • 6,523,508 barrels of oil produced in January 2019
  • 26,278,724 MCF (one MCF equals a thousand cubic feet of) gas was produced in January 2019

Paying attention to local production provides a general sense of a fair price for your Loving County mineral rights. More importantly, the experienced mineral rights brokers at The Mineral Auction are always on top of the latest data and current activity in the area to ensure that you get the best market price.

Loving County Top Operators

Different operators are willing to take on different levels of risk, which also can affect the selling price in your local area. The following companies are listed by Texas Drilling as the top producing operators in Loving County:

  • Anadarko E&P Onshore
  • Apache Corporation
  • Atlantic Resources Company
  • BHP Billiton Pet(Txla Op)
  • Citation Oil & Gas
  • COG Operating
  • Energen Resources Corporation
  • EOG Resources
  • Felix Energy Holdings
  • Great Western Drilling Company
  • Headington Energy Partners
  • Iskandia Energy Operating
  • Matador Production Company
  • Mewbourne Oil Company
  • Oasis Petroleum Permian
  • Oxy USA
  • Rosehill Operating Company
  • Shell Western E&P
  • WPX Energy Permian
  • XTO Energy

From futures markets to risk assessments and leveraging your royalties, The Mineral Auction market experts understand all of the complex nuances that go into determining fair prices. We analyze all of the factors that go into pricing and are able to offer you the best course of action to successfully sell your interests. Let us advise you and assist you through the process of getting the maximum value for your Loving County mineral resources.

Loving County Leases

Purchasers looking to secure mineral rights in Loving County may not want you to know the success of nearby leases. It is in their interest to low ball any transaction. The less informed you are, the more likely you may undervalue the assets.

Here are the top-producing leases in Loving County:

  • Bongo 76-43 Lov Unit Oil Lease #049454
  • Crockett Reese State Unit B Oil Lease #048927
  • Dakar 53-2 Lov Unit Oil Lease #047190
  • Gemini 7 Oil Lease #048204
  • Goodnight Unit Oil Lease #050623
  • Link-VJ Ranch 55-2-16 Lov W Oil Lease #049251
  • Noah Brunson A Unit Oil Lease #047671
  • Nyala 53-2-5 Lov W Unit Oil Lease #049427
  • Roan 53-2 Lov Unit Oil Lease #045429
  • Rudd Draw 26-21 Oil Lease #048682
  • Sid M. Kyle 26 Oil Lease #048957
  • Silvertip 76-7 Unit A Oil Lease #050304
  • St. Lucia 76 2833 Oil Lease #048657
  • State 48 Oil Lease #050263
  • State VIking E Oil Lease #050677
  • University 19 PW Unit Oil Lease #042401
  • University 20 PW Unit Oil Lease #044020
  • Weber 26 Oil Lease #049996
  • Weber 26 Oil Lease #048807
  • Whitney Brunson Unit Oil Lease #048164

At The Mineral Auction, we’re in the business of finding reputable and interested buyers for our clients,. No matter the size or worth of your property rights, we enable our clients selling oil and gas royalties and mineral rights to connect with buyers who compete for your interests. We will work to accommodate your financial needs and make sure that you are satisfied with the payment for these assets.

How The Mineral Auction Can Help You

The process of selling your mineral rights or royalties can be daunting. It can seem complex especially if you’ve never gone through the experience before. The professional Loving County mineral rights brokers at The Mineral Auction will treat you like a friend or neighbor and carefully guide you through this process. It is our goal to develop a trusted, long-term relationship.

  • Qualified. Our qualified professionals will make sure that you have all of the documentation to sell your interests and also verify that the buyer has all of the information necessary to purchase your rights. Our team will handle all of the research and paperwork necessary to ensure a successful and profitable sale.
  • Committed. We are committed to putting your interests first and protecting your rights from unfair deals offered by greedy buyers or brokers and reduce your financial risk. We will also interpret any complicated documents, answer your questions, and explain the details as we walk you through all the steps it takes to sell your mineral rights. We will also provide you with a reasonable estimate of the value of your property and status on the market.
  • Professional. The Mineral Auction will handle the execution of all legal procedures. This includes the sale of your rights and your receipt of payment, drafting and signing contracts, as well as negotiating deeds. In most cases, our team is able to provide these services free of charge. Let our Loving County mineral brokers assist you in selling your producing or non-producing mineral rights.
  • Profitable. The Mineral Auction will put your mineral rights or your oil and gas royalties for sale at auction in front of thousands of qualified buyers, who are the best in the business. They will aggressively compete with each other to obtain your rights, thereby driving up the value of the sale. We also understand how to work with the schedule to maximize your gains.

Some contracts take years to develop, leaving you unpaid for your interests. With the help of an experienced broker, you can get paid much faster by selling the rights to your royalties. Our brokers will also work with you to sell a portion of your mineral, oil, or gas rights to ensure that you receive payment for your assets if only marginal or non-economic wells get developed.

The team at The Mineral Auction believes that you deserve a fair and comprehensive evaluation of your mineral rights, considering its location and the current market. Our experienced mineral brokers will conduct a free consultation on your Loving County property and guide you through the legal procedures to get as much return as possible on your mineral rights. We tie our fees to the price that you receive for your interests, so we are motivated to work as hard as we can to get you the best price possible.

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If you are interested in selling gas or oil royalties or mineral rights in the Permian Basin, look no further than the experienced brokers at The Mineral Auction. Our brokerage team has earned a national reputation for our expertise in the most complex and technical areas of mineral auctioning. We have unbeatable connections to the reputable buyers you need to get a great price for your interests.

Reach out to use for a free evaluation. Call us at (512) 698-2802, reach out to us via live chat, send us an email, or fill out our website response form and take the first step towards securing financial independence by selling your mineral rights for maximum value today.

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