Points to understand when talking about mineral rights

Posted on Friday, October 16th, 2015 at 4:39 pm    

Mineral rights are the right of the owner to utilize any or all of the minerals below the surface of their property.

According to Geology.com, the following are some important notes when dealing with selling or leasing your mineral rights:

  • Seek professional help – The complicated process and transaction that is enveloped in mineral rights involve a large sum of money. If someone has tapped you about selling your mineral rights, you must seek legal help at once. Mineral rights-knowledgeable lawyers will be able to carry your transaction and build your case.
  • Surface owner has rights – The state law provides basic rights for surface owners, although, owners may decide on needing stronger protections for their own discretion.
  • Buyers and sellers must be alert – The owner’s own knowledge of the subject will greatly determine the transaction’s success.

If you are looking to sell or lease your mineral rights, please consult first with our team of attorneys at The Mineral Auction to further understand all aspects of mineral rights process. Call us today at (512) 698-2802.

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