Protecting your Surface Rights

In states that are known for their wealth of minerals and production of oil and gas, the separation of land ownership and mineral rights is common. Land owners that choose to sell their mineral rights often receive large financial reward due to the competitive market and value of minerals, oil, and gas. Once mineral rights are sold, the buyer has access to the minerals underneath the surface of the land. Generally, extraction of natural resources does not interfere with the daily life of the surface land owner. However, in cases where surface land owners are concerned about damage to the surface due to drilling, there are contract clauses available. These clauses may limit or prohibit surface penetration within a certain area or require that the land is returned to its original caliber once drilling is concluded.

Protecting Surface Rights after Selling Mineral Rights

There are a number of provisions that a surface owner can require when their mineral rights are up for sale. The following are the most common types of clauses that are included in mineral right agreements:

  • No surface operation
  • Surface damage repayment
  • Drilling location approval
  • Restoring the land after drilling
  • Consideration of water sourcing

As a land owner, protecting your property is important. Fortunately, there are several legal measures
that you can take in order to profit from selling or leasing mineral rights while maintaining the quality of your land.

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