The Varying Values of Mineral Rights For Sale

Posted on Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015 at 2:04 pm    

In a recent article from MineralWise, the author compared the process of estimating the value of minerals to meteorologists predicting the weather, saying that both are subject to a number of factors and can vary widely.

Firstly, mineral rights vary by location. The value of minerals on your land will be higher if those minerals are located close to build-ups of hydrocarbon underground. Geology can vary greatly from region to region, and even from small areas; therefore, a big part of finding high-value minerals on your property is luck.

Another factor in the value of your mineral rights will be the size or amount of minerals on your land. Companies will naturally be more inclined to spend higher amounts on larger caches of product. This, again, is almost entirely up to luck.

A third aspect to valuation of your minerals will be the economy. Commodity prices will determine how much a company wants to spend on whichever mineral you possess, and certain elements are simply worth more than others.

While much of selling mineral rights has to do with being lucky enough to find a rich well on your land, one thing that you don’t have to leave up to fortune is finding a skilled and knowledgeable mineral rights broker to help you sell your minerals for a high dollar. At The Mineral Auction, our team understands the business of putting rights up for sale, and we work to ensure that you will be happy with the deal you end up making. To learn more from our experts, call (512) 698-2802 today.

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